Now you can have your own yard sale! Make people buy your old, overpriced stuff! Solve their problems with your old junk! Dealing with other people's problems has never been this much fun before!

Version 1.1 added!

  • 5 Brand new characters
  • Many new items to test out
  • Bugfixes of course ;)


Yard Sard Windows 32 MB
Yard Sard Mac 33 MB

Development log


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We had a blast playing this, nice concept I really hope to see a bigger game with more characters and maybe even more yards.

It was fun but kind of short, the premise is nice and I could see more done with this with more people and different scenario based backgrounds. But it was short so it's added with a bundle video.

This game was pretty fun. I would love to see more levels and characters added to it. 

Also if you guys enjoy watching indie games or anything off of itch than feel free to stop by my channel

Dude! I absolutely loved this! I'd love to see a bigger, more fleshed out version with heaps of people and multiple garages maybe..? IMHO you've hit this nail right on the head! Keep up the awesome work man! 

P.s my video isnt live yet, won't be for another 5 hours but i wanted to drop my link here before i forgot! 5am AEST :) 

WELCOME TO MY YARD SALE! Or how we say it in the South, Yard Sard! Plenty of stuff to choose from! Old toys, knives, stuffed animals, taxidermy animals, you name it! It's here!

If you enjoyed my video you can click the link below for more!

I hope you don't mind, but I  made a little video about it! It was really fun and I definitely enjoyed myself.

This is a fun, short little game! Figuring out all the specific items to match the character's needs was a little confusing at first, but once I figured it out it was fairly easy, so there wasn't too much longevity. I particularly like how well-done the graphics are with the idiosyncratic characters and the fact that there's more than one item that sometimes fits what they need. Good job on this one!